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Steve is just a normal guy who loves to play. If he had been born in another time, he would have been an explorer. Steve loves playing outside and spends time with his awesome wife, Miriam, and his children, Elijah, Andrew, Abby and Emma. He works at Black Diamond Services, a service company in Utah and studies at the University of Utah.

American Slavery Myths

Myth: American slavery was more barbaric than other slave trades. Fact: The American Colonies took in only about 4% of Transatlantic African slaves, yet by 1825, only one hundred years later, the US had a quarter of the black New … Continue reading

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10 Economic Questions for Americans

The following are ten questions that every American needs to ask before going to the polls and casting a vote. The first few questions address general economic issues and history. Next there are some questions concerning current presidential candidates, specifically, Bernie Sanders. The … Continue reading

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New LDS Church Policy Questions Answered

Following the LDS church’s update to policies regarding families of same sex marriage. I’ve had many friends ask me lots of questions. Until now, I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself, however, I felt impressed to share my thoughts … Continue reading

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