The Curious Case of Black Trump Supporters

Self Proclaimed Marxist Van Jones lays out the the danger to Democrats if Trump can win over enough of the ‘black vote.’ The margin for error is much smaller than one would think.

Jones lays it all out there: “If there are 20 African-Americans, and three decide to vote for Trump, the Democrats are in serious trouble.” He goes on to explain that a ‘disciplined Republican’ could exploit the fact that Democrats have not helped the Black community and could lose the longstanding support of African-Americans.

Of course, the support for Trump from the black community only increases when rabid Democrats infiltrate Trump rallies wearing KKK hoods and throwing ‘Heil Hitler’ signs. This black Trump supporter let this liberal know how he felt about their demonstration.

Take into further consideration this Bernie rally filled with white people calling Trump a racist and indignantly attacking students raising money for ‘Trump’s Wall.’ Watch what the only black guy in the crowd does.

Not only is this gentleman the only one there actually working (selling Bernie shirts), but he drops what he’s doing and empties his wallet into the bucket. Much to the Bernie bots’ dismay no doubt.

Then there’s this little nugget from MSNBC, in which the reporters were discussing David Duke and his support for Trump. They got word that a Trump supporter had something to say:

The reporter was apparently surprised to see a black man, speaking against racism, at a Trump rally. After seeing the clip, she stutters, stammers and shakes. Pretty tough to keep going after her entire premise was thrown out the window.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been push back, Black Lives Matter has come out against Trump, attacking all the ‘white supremacists’ in Trump’s camp, including the black ones.

Mexican nationalists and folks from La Raza have also come out in full force, but this black Trump supporter says it brilliantly:

And who could forget this 16 year old kid absolutely schooling a grown man with, get this, LOGIC.


Why does the black vote matter? #BlackVotesMatter

Most African-Americans hold conservative values

According to Pew Research, African-Americans cherish values that are overwhelmingly conservative, far more than other ethno-cultural blocs in the US. Church is very important to black culture, the Landscape Survey found that nearly eight-in-ten African-Americans (79%) say that religion is ‘very important’ in their lives, for more than the 56% average of all U.S. adults. Also, 72% of those with no religious affiliation still say that religion plays a ‘somewhat important’ role in their life. this is about triple what the average non-black American believes (16%). African-Americans, according to the survey, are also far more likely to be heavily involved in religious activities and are very comfortable with the role of religion in politics.

Black America is deeply religious and those religious views translate to social policies. We saw this play out during California’s (in)famous Proposition 8, the beginning of marriage redefinition.

Blacks in California voted overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage. In fact, to this day liberal columnists and activists will blame blacks for Prop 8 passing (not the voice of the people of course). Not that it matters now, as a handful of liberal judges saw to it that the black voice be silenced. Of course, it was not the first nor the last time a handful of liberals have tried to silence blacks.

Blacks have been the focus of the Dem attack since it began.

The original Democrat party came from the Democratic-Republican Party, founded in good intent by Jefferson and Madison. This party eventually collapsed leading to several split offs with the majority following Andrew Jackson to the newly formed ‘Democrat Party’ and the remaining offshoots joining the ‘Whig Party’ until it’s dissolution in in the 1850’s. In 1854, the Republican Party was founded on the basis of opposing slavery, eventually electing Abraham Lincoln as its first president.

The History of the Democratic Party – Rooted in Slavery

  • The loyalty of the black community is ripe for change
    • Obama  has massively failed black people (Obamaphone lady)
    • More and more conservative blacks are coming out and challeniging the Democrat plantation. And the left responds with the most hateful, bitter, vitriolic racist things

But the biggest reason, is that blacks block vote more than most groups. They may be the most cohesive voting bloc in the country

Share largest voting bloc with hispanics


Ever since LBJ, blacks switched from Dems to Reps

Blacks have supported Democrats for the presidency at a clip of 80% or more since the 1972 election and more recently by 90% or more (93% in 2012).


Since changing sides, African-Americans have become a people without real representation.

Stephen A Smith said it best


The cycle: Democrats make empty promises, knowing that they will have the black no matter what. Republicans are rarely accepted by the community and so no matter what they do, they can’t get the vote. So neither side represents them, they are left with empty promises and hearts full of anger.

Rush Limbaugh – how many promises have democrats made that didn’t happen for black people?


This is where Trump comes in. The advantage Trump has over other Republicans is that, well, he’s not a Republican. He’s a ReTumplican if anything.

But what he has in boatloads, is moxie.

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