Socialism is Bad for Animals

In the spirit of Harambe the regal gorilla and Cecil the friendly lion, officials at the Caricuao zoo in Caracas have expressed serious concern for the health of their animals. According to a Reuters report, some 50 animals have starved to death in the zoo over the last 6 months. Venezuelan zoo officials have been feeding mango and pumpkins to the lions and tigers and offering tropical fruit to the elephants.

Marlene Sifontes, a union leader for employees of state parks agency overseeing the zoos, said, “The story of the animals at Caricuao is a metaphor for Venezuelan suffering.” Turns out that people aren’t the only one’s chanting “We want food!” on the streets of Venezuela. Hopefully these animals will be given the food that they need and deserve, before one of them escapes and decides to try some ‘socialism’ for dinner.

Only socialism could cause the King of the Jungle to starve in a freakin zoo.

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Steve is just a normal guy who loves to play. If he had been born in another time, he would have been an explorer. Steve loves playing outside and spends time with his awesome wife, Miriam, and his children, Elijah, Andrew, Abby and Emma. He works at Black Diamond Services, a service company in Utah and studies at the University of Utah.
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